Need some inspiration or guidance on how to start your fundraising? Explore the resources here for more information.

So you want to get fundraising – great! But where do you start? Planning your approach (even a little) breaks down your target into easily manageable chunks. Below are some tips and hints to help you maximise your fundraising efforts.


1. Online Sponsorship Pages and Sponsorship Forms

The sooner you set up a fundraising page the more likely you are to reach your fundraising target before your challenge.

Set up a your IPF fundraising page here.

You can email your online funding page to all your friends, family and colleagues, so they can sponsor you quickly and easily, and if you want to put something up in your office, or at your local rugby club, you can use a sponsorship form which you can download and print off.

IPF sponsorship form PDF

If you need a collection pot or bucket to put along with it, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Top Tips to setting up your page:

  1. Put a personal photo as your main photo and profile photo, rather than a stock image. Personal images enable the donor to make a stronger connection to your cause.
  2. Add in a link to real life stories of Injured Players. This gives donor’s more of an idea of how the money really helps those injured - info either on our website or direct to Youtube. 
  3. Add facts about how their donation might be used to support catastrophically injured players: 
     - £30 helps an injured player access extra physio to support their recovery.
     - £20 helps and injured player’s family travel to visit them in hospital.
     - £10 will help fund research to better understand how to prevent future injuries.


2. Fundraising events

From raffles to quizzes, people are more likely to donate to you in little sums, more often, if they have a chance to win something. Why not host a rugby raffle or sweepstake at a post-match get together or with friends? 

For more fundraising ideas please visit our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas.

It's also worth thinking about how you can invovle as many people as possible with your fundraising event. With lots of online communication platforms; for example Instagram and Facebook Live, Zoom and Skype, think about how you could get people invovled from the comfort of their own home - online quiz anyone?


3. Get Social

As the saying goes ‘if it’s not on social media, did it ever happen?’

Social media is a powerful way to raise awareness of your fundraising and to help you raise more, so it’s important to share you fundraising activities through you social media channels, and encourage your followers to share it too.

Try putting the link to your JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving page in your bio on instagram, or as a pinned tweet on your wall on Twitter.

Whether it be a training session, a raffle or information on the charity you’re supporting make sure you spread the message far and wide.

Hashtags will help you do this, so get as creative as possible (but check the hashtag before you post). Take a look at our social media posts for common hashtags we use such as #rugbyrunners #rugbyfamily #englandrugby #rugbyunited.

And don’t forget to tag us so we can help you too!

Twitter - @TheRugbyCharity

Facebook - @rfuipf

Instagram - @rfuipf


4. Tell your supporters why you are fundraising

To help your networks (both rugby fans and non-rugby fans) connect to the cause that you’re fundraising for make sure you tell them as much as you can about why the charity is important to you and what we the charity does to support injured players. For more information and real stories of some of the injured players supported by your fundraising visit the links below:

Discover more about the injured players your fundraising supports

Discover more about the work your fundraising supports