A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

A - Abseiling, Afternoon Tea, Arm Wrestle, Auction...

  • Abseiling - Sign-up for a pre-planned event or organise your own. Then get some sponsorship and don't forget to hold on to the rope!
  • Afternoon Tea - Hold a sophisticated tea party, push the boat out, get your finest tea set out and make some cakes, biscuits or petit fours.
  • Arm Wrestle - Organise an arm wrestling competition with the entry fees going to the IPF!
  • Auction - Hold an auction. Ask friends, family, local businesses or sports clubs if they can donate the auction items and donate the profits.
  • Auction of Services - Get friends and family to donate their skills and auction them off to generous bidders.

B - BBQ, Bag Packing, Beer Festival, Bike Rides...

  • BBQ - Dust off the BBQ and get ready to grill. Invite your friends, colleagues and team mates and get cooking! You could take donations per item or as an entry fee to let people eat as much as they like, the choice is up to you, and you'll be supporting injured players across the country at the same time.
  • Bag Packing - Ask your local supermarket if you can pack bags for customers on a busy Saturday in exchange for donations towards your fundraising efforts.
  • Baked Bean Bath - A classic challenge. Take the plunge and get sponsored for it. Don't forget your toast in case you get peckish!
  • Bake Off - Organise a baking competition between you and your team mates or friends. Either charge an entry fee with the winner taking half and donate the rest, or ask for donations in exchange for a slice of the baking masterpieces.
  • Beard - Grow/Shave a beard in exchange for sponsorship/donations.
  • Beer Festival - Organise your own beer festival and invite everyone you know. Charge an entry fee to raise money for the IPF.
  • Bike Rides - Get moving on two wheels and make a difference to the lives of injured players nationwide. Organise your own event or find out more about which rides you can join the IPF team at.
  • Board Games - Dig out the old classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Cluedo and invite everyone to get involved. Ask everyone to make a donation at the start of the event and donate the proceeds to the IPF!
  • Bucket Collecting - Approach your local club or supermarket to ask for permission to collect and get in touch with the IPF Team for all the support and materials you need. Then gather your mates and start collecting!

C - Cakes, Club Events, Curry, Cycling...

  • Cake Sale - Get baking and share your culinary creations with friends, family or work colleagues in exchange for donations.
  • Calendars - As has become a tradition in some rugby circles, why not produce a charity calendar to support the Injured Players Foundation? We'll leave the decisions about clothing (or lack of) up to you.
  • Car Boot Sale - Sell some of your old or unwanted things and donate whatever you make.
  • Casino Night - Don your tux, do your best 007 impression, and donate all profits from the night to the IPF.
  • Club Events - Organise anything from a dinner, fun day, fete, or festival of rugby and have fun whilst raising money for a great cause. Contact Us for more suggestions or for any help.
  • Coffee Morning - Put the kettle on and get your mugs ready. Get friends and family together, share a coffee and raise money to support and protect the rugby family!
  • Curry-me-Home - There's nothing better than getting together with mates to watch the big game with a few beers and a curry. To make this even better we've created Curry-me-Home, so you can do all of this whilst raising money and supporting the Injured Players Foundation at the same time. Click here to learn more about how to organise your own Curry-me-Home night.
  • Cycling Challenge - Get moving on two wheels and make a difference to the lives of injured players nationwide. Organise your own event or learn more about the rides where you can join the IPF team..

D - Darts, Dress Down, Dinners, Duck Race...

  • Darts - Step up to the oche and 'Let's Play Darts'! Whether you regularly hit 'One Hundred and Eightyyyy' or miss the board completely, this is a great way to get together with friends, have fun and raise some money. You could setup a darts tournament and get teams to pay an entrance fee, adding some spot challenges during the tournament which players donate extra to take part in, and some prizes for the winners. Alternatively you can try to pull off a darts marathon and play continuously for a set time to raise money and awareness of the IPF.
  • Dress Down Day - Ask your colleagues to donate a pound or more to come to work for a day in casual clothing.
  • Dinners - Dedicate your next club dinner to raising money for the IPF, or push the boat out and organise your own gala dinner. Alternatively, invite your friends to donate whatever they would normally pay for a dinner out and cook up a storm at home.
  • Duck Race - Get some rubber ducks and ask friends and family to sponsor one each. Find a stream and put them in together, with the duck that reaches the finish point first being the winner and taking a portion of the sponsorship as their prize.

E - eBay, Eighties, Egg and Spoon, Expedition...

  • eBay - eBay your old stuff and donate a percentage of your takings.
  • Eighties Night - Great Scott! Get everyone you know together and ask them to come as their best A-Team, Miami Vice or Magnum PI for an eighties-themed fancy dress night. You can charge an entry fee and award prizes for the best outfits on the night. I love it when a plan comes together!
  • Egg and Spoon - Re-live your old school sports day and organise an egg and spoon race along with the sack race and all the old favourites.
  • Expedition - Do something amazing and take on your once-in-a-lifetime expedition. Trek the Inca Trail, climb the Great Wall of China, the world is your oyster.
  • Eurovision - Host a Eurovision party, dress up and set up a point scoring system for chosen countries that relate to how much a participant will donate!

F - Fancy Dress, Face Painting, Fines, Fireworks...

  • Facebook - Use your Social Media to shout about why you are fundraising. You never know where in the world your next donation could come from.
  • Fancy Dress - Make a donation and transform in to someone else for the day. Alternatively make a donation for someone else to come to work in a pre-selected fancy dress.
  • Face Painting - A lion, a tiger, a … ask for a donation for face painting at your next event.
  • Foreign Coins - Collect everyone's foreign currency after their holidays and exchange for sterling then donate.
  • Fines - Pool together the fines across the season for penalties conceded, drinking with the wrong hand, or generally breaking the rules.
  • Film Night - Whether it's a Star Wars movie marathon or watching Rocky for the 100th time, ask your friends to donate whatever they would normally spend on a trip to the cinema and host your own film premiere at home.
  • Firework Night - Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night and raise money at the same time.

G - Gift Aid, Golf, Guess, Gym...

  • Gift Aid - Claim back Gift Aid from every donation you receive. Get your donors to complete our Gift Aid form so we can claim back an extra 25% of every donation to boost your fundraising.
  • Golf Day - Take on 9 or 18 holes in support of injured rugby players. Organise your own tournament with prizes for winners and for anyone lucky enough to get a hole-in-one. Ask for an entry fee per player and finish the day on the 19th green with a raffle and/or auction.
  • Guess the… - A simple and fun way to encourage people to donate. Fill a jar full of sweets/golf balls and ask punters to guess how many are inside or the weight of the jar in return for a £1 donation. Winner keeps the jar whilst you've raised money for a great cause.
  • Gym challenge - Set a challenge in your local gym with a prize as an incentive, and ask participants to make a small donation to take part. You could do a speed challenge on the rowing machines, a circuits challenge or whatever you think will get other gym members engaged.

H - Head Shave, Heads and Tails...

  • Head Shave - Why not take donations for the front row to shave their heads all in aid of a great cause? Or get the rest of the team to sponsor the skipper to shave their head? You can even ask a local barber if they'll do the honours!
  • Heads or Tails - For your next dinner or event, get everyone to make a £5 donation then play heads or tails until only one person remains. Ask a question and give two possible answers, getting participants to touch their heads if they think it's the first answer, or tails if they think it's the second.

I - Indoor Games, International, Ironing...

  • Indoor Games - Hold a pub bowls tournament or any other indoor games so you can keep up your fundraising, even when the Great British weather isn't on your side.
  • International Night – Either choose one country for your theme or mix and match, and don't forget to come in your best national dress!
  • Ironing - Everyone's favourite chore. Why not offer to do someone's ironing in exchange for a donation. You might be surprised how many donations you get.

J - Jail Break, Jumble Sale...

  • Jail Break - Split into separate teams and challenge each other to get from A to B with no money or transport provided. The most resourceful team that makes it to the finish point first wins!
  • Jumble Sale - Gather unwanted clothes and knick-knacks from everyone you know and hold a jumble sale!

K - Karaoke...

  • Karaoke - Get together and belt out your favourite songs in support of injured players. Charge an entry fee and award prizes to the best singers on the night!

L - Lands End, Leg Wax, Lotteries, Lunch...

  • Lands End to John O'Groats - Take on the epic cycling challenge from one corner of the UK to the other.
  • Leg Wax - Put your tough guy face on and try not to scream too loud. Get sponsorship to be made more aerodynamic – great for the prop who is a wannabe winger.
  • Legacy - A gift in your will. This can be big or small, every little helps and you'll be helping people long into the future.
  • Lotteries - Get friends and colleagues to pay £1 each week/month for your own lottery, with the winner taking a portion of the entry fees and donate the rest to the IPF. See our advice for more information to make sure you keep it legal.
  • Loose Change - It all adds up and can make a big difference to your fundraising.
  • Lunch - Hold a fundraising lunch at your local club or anywhere you want.

M - Marathon, Masterclasses, Match Days, Matched Giving...

  • Marathon - Take on the big one and conquer 26.2 miles in support of the IPF. Find out more about getting places through the IPF here.
  • Masterclasses - Use your expertise to help you fundraise. Can you cook, play the guitar or do something else special? Why not ask people to make a donation in exchange for a lesson from the maestro?
  • Match Days - Ask your local rugby club if you can ask for donations on match days, you'll be surprised how generous the crowd can be.
  • Matched Giving - Many employers will match charity donations by their employees up to a set threshold.

N - Netball, Night-In, Non-Uniform Days...

  • Netball Tournament - Organise your very own netball tournament. Teams can be mixed to get the boys involved and ask all players to make a donation. You can have prizes for the winners or let them enjoy victory until the next tournament comes round.
  • Night-In - Spend a night in instead of going out and donate the money you would normally spend out.
  • Non-Uniform Day - Organise a non-uniform/casual day at work and ask everyone to donate £1 for taking part.

O - Obstacles, Odd Jobs, Office Olympics, Omlettes...

  • Obstacle Courses - Get ready for the unexpected and prepare to take on an obstacle course at one of the many races across the country. Find out more here.
  • Odd Job Day - Give up your time to do some odd jobs in return for donations.
  • Office Olympics - Circle the office chairs and line up the waste paper bins to compete in your very own Office Olympics.
  • Omelette Challenge - Take on your mates to find out who can cook the quickest omelette
  • Online Donations - It is essential to create an online fundraising page through either Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving so your supporters can make donations as simply as possible. You can then link this to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages or simply email it to your contacts when you ask for donations.

P - Pantomime, Poker, Push-Ups...

  • Pantomime - He's behind you! Stage your own panto and gather donations from ticket sales or by collecting with the audience.
  • Poker - Host your own poker tournament and split the pot with us! See our advice for more info to make sure you keep it legal.
  • Push-Up Challenge - See who can do the most push-ups in a set time and ask participants to make a donation.

Q - Quiz Night, Quit Something...

  • Quiz Night - Your chance to finally show who is the most intelligent of the team. Find out more and request your Quiz Pack to get yourself started.
  • Quit Something… - Give up something and donate the money you would normally spend on it.

R - Race Night, Raffle, Rowing, Running...

  • Race Night - Place your bets and choose the winning horse. Organise your own race night as a great way to raise money and have a great time. Make sure you keep it legal, see our advice for more info.
  • Raffle - Gather some prizes and start selling those raffle tickets. Make sure you keep it legal, see our advice for more info.
  • Rowing - Get out on the water or on the rowing machine in the gym to raise money for the IPF.
  • Running - Lace up your running shoes and hit the streets as part of the Rugby Runners Team. Find out more about how to join the IPF Team here.

S - Skydive, Super Heroes, Sweepstake, Swimming...

  • Shave - Say goodbye to those flowing locks or Viking beard, and get sponsored to do it.
  • Shirt to work day - Wear your team colours to work for the day and make a donation.
  • Skydive - Get some seriously big air by throwing yourself out of a plane. Don't forget the parachute mind.
  • Sponge Throwing - Donations for throwing wet sponges at you/your friends. What could be better?
  • Strawberries & Cream - Hold your very own celebration of the great British summer! Take donations from guests, serve them some strawberries & cream and enjoy the sunshine/rain and tennis.
  • Super Heroes (Day) - Assemble your heroes and sidekicks and come dressed as your favourite super heroes for a day. Make a small donation or ask for sponsorship to go out in costume.
  • Swear Box - Make a difference to injured players every time you diverge from the Queen's English. Great for collecting donations in your workplace or club.
  • Sweepstakes - Organise a sweepstake on anything you like, the Six Nations, the best man's speech, your Marathon finishing time, and donate half the entry fees to the IPF, with the other half going to the winner.
  • Swim-a-thon - Dive in to a watery challenge and take on a marathon swim in your local pool. Get sponsored per length or for conquering an epic distance.

T - Three Peaks, Triathlon, Tuck Shop, Tug-of-War

  • Three Legged Race - The toughest challenge of them all! This could be part of an old-school sports day event.
  • Three Peaks Challenge - Conquer three iconic mountains over 24hrs.
  • Triathlon - Swim, Cycle and Run to support injured rugby players.
  • Tuck Shop - Set-up your very own tuck shop with any profits donated towards your fundraising.
  • Tug-of-War - Forwards v Backs might be a little unfair, but get two teams together and compete to see who is the strongest.

U - Underwear, University Challenge...

  • Underwear - Get sponsored to wear underwear on top of your clothes.
  • University Challenge - Nominate a quiz master and prepare for your first starter for ten.

V - Volunteering...

  • Volunteering - Give up your time to make a difference. Whether it's supporting the IPF at an event or doing something in your local area to benefit injured players, you can make a real impact on our work. Learn more about volunteering.

W - Walk, Washing, Waxing, Wine Tasting...

  • Walk - Whether it's a walk in the countryside or an epic trek up the Inca Trail, putting one foot in front of the other is a very real way you can help a seriously injured rugby player.
  • Washing Cars - Grab some mates and get scrubbing. Take a donation for every car washed.
  • Waxing - Put your tough guy face on and try not to scream too loud. Get sponsorship to be made more aerodynamic – great for the prop who is a wannabe winger.
  • Wine Tasting - Organise an event at a local vineyard or wine specialist and invite guests to make a donation at the start or end of the event.

X - Xmas Cards, Xbox...

  • Xmas Cards/Meal - Celebrate the festive season and give something back to the rugby family. Dedicate your Christmas cards to the IPF, buy your Christmas Cards here or host a pre-Christmas meal with guests donating the equivalent of a meal out.
  • Xbox/Playstation/Console Night - Put your game face on organise your own gaming competition.

Y - Yoga...

  • Yoga - Get your friends together (Yogi's and non-Yogi's) for a marathon yoga event (or Yoga-thon) and get sponsored for doing it.

Z - Zumba, Zzzzzzzz...

  • Zumba - Ask a local Zumba instructor if they'll consider donating their time for charity and get all of the attendees to donate their class fees for the Injured Players Foundation!
  • Zzzzzzz - Forego a night's sleep and get sponsored to do something in the meantime. You could camp out at the local rugby club,cycle through the night, be as creative as possible.