Calling all Rugby fans and voucher enthusiasts!

This July, My Favourite Voucher Codes (MFVC), a leading website for discounts and deals, is hosting a monthly charity poll, offering the winning cause a fantastic 20% share of their monthly profits. The RFU Injured Players Foundation (RFUIPF) is honoured to be nominated, and we need your help to win!

Here's why the RFUIPF deserves your vote, and why supporting our work is a win for everyone.

About My Favourite Voucher Codes

MFVC is your one-stop shop for saving money on everyday purchases. They work tirelessly to find and share the latest voucher codes, discounts, and special offers across a wide range of stores and services. Whether you're looking to save on groceries, clothing, travel, or entertainment, MFVC has got you covered.

But MFVC goes beyond just saving you money. They believe in giving back to the community, and their monthly charity poll allows them to support worthy causes like the RFUIPF. By voting for the RFUIPF, you're not only helping yourself save money, but you're also making a positive impact on the lives of injured rugby players.

Why Support the RFU Injured Players Foundation?

Rugby is a sport known for its passion, power, and camaraderie. However, the risk of serious injury is an unfortunate reality of the game. The RFUIPF is dedicated to supporting rugby players who have sustained catastrophic spinal cord injuries or acute severe traumatic brain injuries.

We provide a vital lifeline to these players and their families, offering:

      Immediate and ongoing emotional support: The physical and emotional challenges faced by players with life-changing injuries can be overwhelming. The RFUIPF offers a network of support, helping players and their families navigate the initial shock and trauma of injury, and providing ongoing encouragement and guidance.

      Access to specialist medical care: Catastrophic injuries often require long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation. The RFUIPF helps players access the best possible care, ensuring they receive the support they need to recover and rebuild their lives.

      Financial assistance: Adapting to life with a severe injury can be expensive. The RFUIPF provides financial assistance to help players with things like home adaptations, equipment, and other essential needs.

      Research and education: We're committed to preventing future injuries by funding vital research into concussion prevention, tackling techniques, and enhanced equipment. Additionally, we work to educate players, coaches, and officials about injury risks and preventative measures.

By voting for the RFUIPF in the MFVC poll, you're directly contributing to making a real difference in the lives of injured players. Your vote will help us:

      Continue providing vital support services to players and their families.

      Fund vital research to improve safety standards and prevent future injuries.

      Ensure the legacy of rugby – a sport built on teamwork, respect, and community – is one of compassion and care for those who risk their bodies for the game they love.

How to Vote and Make a Difference

Voting in the MFVC poll is simple and takes just a few seconds.

  1. Head over to the My Favourite Voucher Codes website.
  2. Look for the charity poll section on the right hand side of the page (or the bottom of the page on mobile)
  3. Find the RFU Injured Players Foundation and cast your vote!

Every vote counts! By voting for the RFUIPF, you're not just supporting injured players, you're supporting the future of rugby.

Together, we can make a difference.

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