On the vibrant Saturday of April 13th, Twickenham Stadium was abuzz with excitement as rugby enthusiasts gathered to celebrate Ladies Day, an event bringing the women’s rugby community together in support of the Injured Players Foundation.

The tournament featured four formidable teams: Silhillians, Ellingham & Ringwood, Farnham and the ultimate victors, Barnes. 


Farnham RUFC “What made it truly special was not just the game itself but the opportunity to raise money and give back to the rugby community. Welcoming girls new to the sport onto this renowned pitch was particularly rewarding. It highlighted the inclusivity of rugby, demonstrating that there's a place on the pitch for everyone, regardless of experience or background.”

The air crackled with anticipation as the teams clashed in a series of exhilarating matches keeping spectators entertained in the stands.  
















“An experience myself and the team will never forget. To play at the home of England rugby was a true honour and we can’t thank Twickenham enough.” – Charlotte, Ellingham & Ringwood 

After an action-packed day of rugby, it was Barnes who emerged triumphant, their unwavering dedication and teamwork propelling them to victory



“An amazing experience, the pitch was fantastic. Getting to lead the team out through the tunnel, and lifting the trophy are two things I’ll never forget.” – Ruth, Barnes 

However, the true essence of Ladies Day transcended the boundaries of competition. Beyond the try lines and tackles, this event was a celebration of community and compassion. A staggering £37,000 was raised for the RFU Injured Players Foundation (IPF), a true testament to the generosity of all those involved. 

The IPF has been supporting catastrophically injured rugby players since 2009 with immediate practical and emotional help at the time of injury and for the rest of a player’s life if needed. This significant contribution will play a crucial role in supporting injured players, providing them with the necessary resources and assistance to aid in their recovery and rehabilitation. It underscores the ethos of rugby as a sport that truly values community. 





Lee Jones, injured player, chairman of Silhillians RUFC and trustee of the Injured Players Foundation attended the first ever Ladies Day event at Twickenham. Lee said “being able to support the IPF and give our ladies team the opportunity to play at HQ was awesome! We were able to combine forces with Kenilworth and Rugby Lionesses to create a fantastic squad which narrowly lost out in the final. My highlight was getting to celebrate my birthday at the tournament surrounded by great friends at the home of England Rugby. See you next year for more of the same!” 


















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