What a match for Rugby World Cup winner Jason Robinson to share with clients of the RFU Injured Players Foundation in their hospitality box at Twickenham.



Jason was out on the balcony at the Guinness Six Nations England v Ireland Test as everyone watched the drama unfold and said: “It was amazing to be able to support the IPF because I was lucky to play rugby for many years and come out unscathed. For those with injuries which are life changing, the IPF support for life is what’s needed and means so much.

“I’ve been with people today who have been achieving massive challenges, like sailing across the world, despite those life changing injuries. Without that IPF support they might not have done it. For me it’s important to give back to rugby. It’s so important that we can come together as a rugby family. That’s why I love the sport. Together we can all make a difference and support the IPF who make sure injured players have everything they need.”

Tom Hughes, who was there with his fiancé Hannah and his parents, having recently returned from sailing around the world, said: “It’s really great to be back and see people I’ve met before, to be back in the rugby environment and show Hannah what it means. What a match for her to come to for the first time, that fairy tale ending as we won in the final seconds.

“Meeting Jason was a bonus, he’s such a familiar face. He says ‘Hi, I’m Jason Robinson’ and you kind of want to say, ‘Oh I’m fully aware of who you are!’ He’s such a nice guy, super chatty, super humble. My mum was absolutely thrilled.

“That is what’s so special about rugby. People come along who are very high profile but also very humble and take time to chat and engage with us. It makes you feel you are really part of the sport.

“Rugby has been hugely influential in my life and opened so many doors. My career in the Army changed overnight and the IPF supported me through my PhD. I’ve been incredibly well supported by the IPF in so many different ways. The charity is hugely important, investing in people’s futures, getting them motivated and inspired. If anyone is able to help and support the IPF that would be incredible as they are always there to count on.”

Jason Ireland Game 400 x 600

Gareth Savin, 51, who was injured 32 years ago playing for Richmond U19s in 1992 said “Jason was just as you’d expect him to be, down-to-earth. There was no side to him, he’s been there done it, got the T-shirt. I remember him being on fire playing for the Lions as well as for England. It was great to meet him.

“After that victory we were all feeling euphoric. It was a nailbiter, wasn’t it and a great win. It was as good as ever in the IPF box. I’ve enjoyed a few occasions there and times like these are very important just to be able to come down to enjoy some rugby with mates.

“The IPF have been fantastic, whenever I’ve needed them they’ve always been there.”

The IPF is a highly expert charity offering lifelong, lifechanging support to all catastrophically injured rugby players under the RFU auspices through their recovery, rehabilitation and on to the rest of their lives.

Their help is available for as long as a player needs or wants them. To add your support click here.



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