An online rugby auction launches today in support of the RFU Injured Players Foundation, featuring rugby memorabilia including signed England shirts, a signed South Africa shirt from their victorious 2007 Rugby World Cup campaign, and post protectors from the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final.

The auction will run across the Old Mutual Wealth Autumn Series at and gives rugby fans the chance to own a piece of rugby history or to get hold of a truly unique gift for a loved one in time for Christmas. In addition to the signed England and South Africa items which will be available to bid on from today until Monday, more items will be added over the following weeks, including a TeamGB rugby shirt, an England shirt signed by Head Coach Eddie Jones, and many more.

Proceeds from the auction will help the RFU Injured Players Foundation raise money to continue its work supporting rugby players who, while playing rugby in England at any level or any age, sustain a catastrophic spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, and to fund research to help prevent future injuries in the game. The auction will be available from 11am on Thursday 10th November until 9pm on Monday 5th December. For a full list of available items, details on how to bid, and to find out more, visit

To discover more about the charity and how you can help us continue to support the rugby family, visit

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