The RFU Injured Players Foundation Rugby Runners day 2014 was a fantastic success over the weekend with 80 participants in attendance. The day was opened up to all Princes Forum charity runners, with 14 charities represented it was a great opportunity for all the marathon runners to join forces, share tips and take in as much information before their last few months of training.

The event consisted of three workshops all to aid the runners in utilising their time over the next few months. The first was a nutrition and hydration session run by Matt Lovell; England first team nutritionist, who provided the runners with a great insight into suitable diets and drinks relative to a marathon runner’s training programme and for the day itself aiding them to have the right amount of complex carbohydrates and nutrients within their system for the day.

The second session was a fundraising session presented by RFU Injured Players Foundation Fundraising executive, Ian Jenkinson showing the runners exactly how they could gain the highest fundraising amounts and what ideas they should use to engage their friends and family to become involved in their fundraising campaigns.

The third workshop was run by Barney Kenny, Head of Physiotherapy for England Rugby. This session went into the finer details of injury prevention and training programs. The runners were given clear guidelines of what they should be working on and how they could gain the best success for the day alongside making sure that all foundations and conditioning was in place to prevent injuries occurring in the lead up and also on the marathon day.

This session lead onto a stretching and running session in the brand new England fitness centre and on pitch side. The opportunity for all of the runners to come out of the England dressing rooms, through the tunnel and out onto the England pitch was a special occasion and one that a lot of them were very excited about. Once they had taken in the size of the stadium, a stretching session lead by Barney Kenny began, followed by a running session, completing laps of the pitch at different paces to suit all of the runners. The runners all had a great day and were very impressed by the facilities at Twickenham Stadium. We wish them all the very best for their runs this year and hope they raise a fantastic amount of money for their chosen charities.


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