The RFU Injured Players Foundation (IPF) is to benefit from the sales of a book that takes a humorous look at grassroots rugby.

"The Mud, the Beer and the Rugby", is an updated version of the successful and enjoyable "Tales from the Vale" written by John Collier, who has enjoyed a long association with Burnley RFC – formerly Calder Vale RFC – with rugby tales based on characters from Burnley, their Lancashire neighbours and clubs further afield.

Profits from the sale of the book will go to the IPF and the target of £100,000 will be reached if 20 copies are sold by each club affiliated to the RFU.

The book will be launched at Burnley’s home at the Belvedere and Calder Vale Sports Club on Thursday, January 16 when David Hodgson, President of Lancashire RFU, will be joined by the author and John Mackness, one of the IPF’s clients. Lancashire RFU are supporting the fundraising project for the IPF.

Mackness suffered catastrophic injuries playing in an inter-mural match at Nottingham University in 1966 and has since been assisted by the IPF.

Collier was also a student at Nottingham University at the time that Mackness was injured and the two have since become friends.

The RFU IPF provides support and information to those who sustain a catastrophic injury as a result of participating in rugby union, to empower them to lead as full and independent a life as they are able to. The IPF also works with all stakeholders to reduce the risk of these and other injuries in the game.

The IPF is there for any player who sustains a catastrophic spinal cord or traumatic brain injury while playing rugby, from international players right through to the grassroots game, including schools and universities across England.

Copies of "The Mud, the Beer, the Rugby", priced £9.99, will be available after January 16th at 


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